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Wedding planning mistakes to avoid

The 10 biggest wedding planning mistakes to avoid

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, wedding planning is stressful. Don't make it more stressful for you and your bride by making silly mistakes. We've put together this groom's guide to the top 10 biggest wedding planning mistakes, so you know what to avoid and how to avoid it.
Wedding tech trends and social media

Social media & the wedding tech trends you need to know about

As if wedding etiquette was not complicated enough to get a handle on, now there is a further level of complexity added with the rise of smartphones. Ninety percent of Irish adults own a smartphone, giving them the ability to photograph, live stream, comment on, and hashtag your wedding until their heart's content, whether you like it or not.
Groom's wedding day survival kit

18 essential items for the groom's wedding day survival kit

All the planning in the world can't guarantee that you won't have the occasional mishap on your wedding day. Don't fret, we've got you covered. Check out our wedding day survival kit below. It's got everything you need to ensure small accidents don't become wedding day emergencies.
Groom's guide to wedding entertainment

Do you need wedding entertainment? (Spoiler: the answer is always yes!)

Weddings are expensive, and it can be tempting to scrimp and save where possible. If you're wondering whether you really need to dip your hand in your pocket for entertainment at the reception, we're afraid the answer is always YES!

Your entertainment is not where you want to cut corners. Elaborate party favours, decorations and even the flowers will be forgotten over time, but nothing puts a dampener on a wedding like a boring reception.

Planning your wedding ceremony

Planning your wedding ceremony – Religious, Civil or Humanist

Have you thought about what kind of wedding ceremony you and your partner would like? Traditionally, weddings in Ireland were held on a Saturday and were a church affair, but now there are a lot more options available. More and more couples are now opting for non-religious civil or humanist ceremonies.

Groomsmen vs Ushers - Role & Duties

Groomsmen and ushers... what exactly do they do?

If you've been asked to take part in your mate's wedding you probably said yes without giving it a thought, but now you might be left wondering, "err… what exactly do I have to do?" Everyone knows what the best man does – the stag, the speech – but when it comes to groomsmen and ushers things get a little hazier.
Father of the Bride Responsibilities

Six steps to help you sail through your daughter's wedding

Watching your daughter get married can be an emotional time for any father of the bride. You have to accept that your little girl is all grown up and you're no longer the number one man in her life – but don't worry, there will always be a special place for dad, and that includes on the wedding day too!
Groom's guide to wedding accessories

3 key tips for a dapper groom's party

OK, so we've established by now that if you want to look good on the big day, whether you are the groom, groomsman or best man, only a perfect fitting wedding suit will do. If you missed our previous articles, I suggest you read our essential guide to wedding suits before you sink your teeth into this one.

To perfect the look the suit should then be paired with a good quality (and ironed!) shirt and topped off with some well-chosen accessories. But, weddings don't have to be all about formal silk cravats and cummerbunds these days. Even if you're renting your suits, it doesn't mean your wedding photos should be a carbon copy of the people who rented them before you. Try switching up your look from the traditional with something a little more fun and original.

How to be the ultimate best man in 20 easy steps

How to be the ultimate best man in 20 simple steps

There's more to being a best man than just throwing a killer stag party. While you may not get tied down making decisions over the finer details, there's plenty of best man responsibilities to keep you busy in the run-up to the wedding, as well as on the day – from organising the groomsmen to paying the vendors.
Choosing your wedding suppliers

Groom's essential steps to choosing wedding suppliers

As a groom, you may have heard the phrase ‘wedding suppliers' or ‘wedding vendors' bandied around by your soon-to-be-wife, and you're probably wondering 3 things; 1. What exactly is a wedding supplier, and what do they do?; 2. How many of them are you going to have to deal with?; 3. Why are they so damn expensive? Well, wedding suppliers or wedding vendors are all the people and businesses who add all the little magical extras to your day. 

Groom's wedding duties

Must remember: The ultimate groom to-do list!

So you popped the question and she said yes? Congratulations! You might think you can sit back and relax for the next few months while your wife-to-be does the planning, but we're afraid it doesn't work like that these days. The groom has a lot more responsibilities than just turning up on the day and saying ‘I do'. And let's face it, you're not exactly going to impress your bride if you're not willing to get stuck in with the wedding planning.

Father of the bride guide to speeches

Foolproof tips for the father of the bride speech

You’ve got your little girl to the church on time, walked her down the aisle and given her away, but your job doesn’t finish there – you still have to make the father of the bride speech.