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Using social media for your wedding

5 great ways to use social media for your wedding

Are you and your bride-to-be avid Instagrammers who like to keep their Facebook friends constantly up to date? Or maybe you prefer to shy away from social media? Either way, social media has become such a big part of day-to-day life that you may want to consider how you want to use it on your wedding day - or if you want to use it at all.
Men's Honeymoon Checklist

The ultimate men's Honeymoon packing checklist

Packing for any trip can be a nightmare. Have you got your passport? Where did you put the tickets? I must remember my phone charger! Everybody hates that sinking feeling you get halfway up the motorway when you realise you've forgotten something. And when packing for the honeymoon the pressure is on, you want the trip to be perfect, so you don't want to forget anything.
Winter honeymoon destinations

The best winter honeymoon destinations 2018/2019

If you're getting married this winter, you might be tempted to hold off booking the honeymoon until the warmer months. But, just because it's going to be pissing down and colder than a witch's tit here, doesn't mean you can't have the trip of a lifetime somewhere a little more exotic.

Wedding planning mistakes to avoid

The 10 biggest wedding planning mistakes to avoid

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, wedding planning is stressful. Don't make it more stressful for you and your bride by making silly mistakes. We've put together this groom's guide to the top 10 biggest wedding planning mistakes, so you know what to avoid and how to avoid it.
Buying your first bespoke suit

A man's guide to buying your first bespoke suit

As with anything that is handmade, just for you, to your exact specifications, you should think of a bespoke suit as an investment. A well-made suit will last you many years and you will never look as good in any off the rack suit as you will in a perfectly tailored suit.

Groom's guide to groomsman gifts

Top 10 best groomsmen gifts for your best man

There are lots of things to think about and remember when planning a wedding, and often thank-you gifts for your wedding party are one of those things that, unfortunately, get left to the last minute. The boys have stuck with you through good times and bad, through the madness of wedding planning and they'll be there to have your back on the big day, so you want to make sure the gift you choose is something thoughtful that shows them your appreciation.

Groom's wedding day survival kit

18 essential items for the groom's wedding day survival kit

All the planning in the world can't guarantee that you won't have the occasional mishap on your wedding day. Don't fret, we've got you covered. Check out our wedding day survival kit below. It's got everything you need to ensure small accidents don't become wedding day emergencies.
Top Stag Destinations Europe

Top European stag destinations for 2018

For our 2018 list of top stag destinations, we have chosen some of the best destinations from around Europe. We haven't ranked these destinations in a particular order but each of these top stag destinations offers great options for partying and activities. Whether you're looking to party in full beast mode or going for a more laid-back getaway with the boys you're guaranteed to find great ideas to take your stag do to the next level.
Planning your wedding ceremony

Planning your wedding ceremony – Religious, Civil or Humanist

Have you thought about what kind of wedding ceremony you and your partner would like? Traditionally, weddings in Ireland were held on a Saturday and were a church affair, but now there are a lot more options available. More and more couples are now opting for non-religious civil or humanist ceremonies.

Dealing with a Bridezilla

8 signs you're about to face off with a Bridezilla

Life in the modern world is often stressful, job interviews, money, work-life balance, even traffic, but most of us find ways to deal with it. To keep things in perspective, think about planning a wedding like starting a new project at work, launching a new product or service, or trying to achieve a new sales target. It's not going to happen on its own, it's going to need preparation, planning and no one person should be responsible for the whole thing. Hint-hint - don't leave it all to the bride or you might end up with a Bridezilla on your hands.
Groom's guide to the wedding guest list

How to agree on a wedding guest list with your bride

Agreeing on a guest list can be one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning and is not to be taken lightly as the number of guests you invite can have a huge effect on your budget and the capacity needed at your wedding venue.

Arguing about whether you really need to invite your partner's great-great-uncle who they haven't seen since they were two, or whether your 18-year-old cousin gets a plus one, can make things tense, but these conversations need to be had early on in the planning stage. So, if you are wondering how to decide who to invite to your wedding Well Groomed has put together these practical tips to plan a guest list both your bride-to-be and budget will agree with.

Groom's guide to wedding accessories

3 key tips for a dapper groom's party

OK, so we've established by now that if you want to look good on the big day, whether you are the groom, groomsman or best man, only a perfect fitting wedding suit will do. If you missed our previous articles, I suggest you read our essential guide to wedding suits before you sink your teeth into this one.

To perfect the look the suit should then be paired with a good quality (and ironed!) shirt and topped off with some well-chosen accessories. But, weddings don't have to be all about formal silk cravats and cummerbunds these days. Even if you're renting your suits, it doesn't mean your wedding photos should be a carbon copy of the people who rented them before you. Try switching up your look from the traditional with something a little more fun and original.