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Planning a marquee wedding

5 top tips for planning a marquee wedding

If you're struggling to find a wedding venue that suits your style, why not consider a wedding marquee instead? Marquees come in all shapes and sizes, providing you with a completely blank canvas to create your perfect wedding reception. They provide greater flexibility without breaking the budget, and with less unexpected costs than many traditional wedding venues.

Wedding planning mistakes to avoid

The 10 biggest wedding planning mistakes to avoid

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, wedding planning is stressful. Don't make it more stressful for you and your bride by making silly mistakes. We've put together this groom's guide to the top 10 biggest wedding planning mistakes, so you know what to avoid and how to avoid it.
Children at weddings

The guest list: Should you invite children to your wedding?

Putting together the guest list can be one of the trickier tasks of wedding planning. Making decisions on how many people you want there, or can afford, and who gets an invite can cause tension, none more so than the decision on whether to invite children. Some couples love the idea of having children at their wedding and can't imagine celebrating the day without them. While other couples can't think of anything worse than having a tribe of little ones running around their feet and terrorising their guests.

Groom's guide to wedding entertainment

Do you need wedding entertainment? (Spoiler: the answer is always yes!)

Weddings are expensive, and it can be tempting to scrimp and save where possible. If you're wondering whether you really need to dip your hand in your pocket for entertainment at the reception, we're afraid the answer is always YES!

Your entertainment is not where you want to cut corners. Elaborate party favours, decorations and even the flowers will be forgotten over time, but nothing puts a dampener on a wedding like a boring reception.

Groom's guide to the wedding guest list

How to agree on a wedding guest list with your bride

Agreeing on a guest list can be one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning and is not to be taken lightly as the number of guests you invite can have a huge effect on your budget and the capacity needed at your wedding venue.

Arguing about whether you really need to invite your partner's great-great-uncle who they haven't seen since they were two, or whether your 18-year-old cousin gets a plus one, can make things tense, but these conversations need to be had early on in the planning stage. So, if you are wondering how to decide who to invite to your wedding Well Groomed has put together these practical tips to plan a guest list both your bride-to-be and budget will agree with.

Father of the Bride Responsibilities

Six steps to help you sail through your daughter's wedding

Watching your daughter get married can be an emotional time for any father of the bride. You have to accept that your little girl is all grown up and you're no longer the number one man in her life – but don't worry, there will always be a special place for dad, and that includes on the wedding day too!
tips for planning the perfect honeymoon

5 tips for planning the perfect honeymoon

After choosing every detail for the wedding day – from the catering and cake to the flowers and favours – you might be a bit fed up with planning, but don't forget there's also the honeymoon to consider... and this is the really fun bit! After all, the wedding lasts for just a few hours but your honeymoon will likely last a week or two.

mans guide to choosing the right engagement ring

A man's guide to choosing the right engagement ring

You’ve found ‘the one’ and decided to pop the question, so all that’s left to do is to buy the engagement ring. But with so many things to consider - from the shape and setting to the cut and clarity of the diamond, and not forgetting your budget - many men are left wondering where to begin when choosing a ring.
How much to spend on the engagement ring

How much should I spend on the engagement ring?

There’s plenty of varying theories about how much you should spend on an engagement ring - one, two or even three months’ salary? But the only real question you need to ask yourself is how much can you realistically afford?
Groom’s guide to setting a realistic wedding budget blog

A groom’s guide to setting a wedding budget

Let’s face it, weddings are expensive. In fact, a majority of Irish couples budget between €20,000 and €30,000 and it's easy to spend a lot more than that.
Traditionally Who Pays For The Wedding Blog Post

Who traditionally pays for the wedding?

You might be wondering what the groom’s financial responsibility is when it comes to the wedding. Well, traditionally the bride’s parents used to pay for a large proportion of the wedding, however, this is no longer the case.

A Groom's Guide to Choosing a Wedding Venue

A groom’s guide to choosing the wedding venue

Choosing the right wedding venue is one of the most important decisions that needs to be made and one of ‘The Big 4’ when it comes to planning as a groom. The venue will set the tone for the wedding and, more importantly, this is where the party happens!