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Planning a honeymoon you'll never forget

Planning honeymoon activities

After all this wedding planning you're probably ready to just flop on a beach in some exotic country, but your honeymoon should be the most memorable holiday of your life, so take some time to think about special activities and things to do when you're there.

We're not saying you have to jump out of a plane or swim with sharks every day – in fact, it's important to keep some days free to simply chill or be spontaneous – but trying new and exciting things together is what will make those memories of a lifetime.

Anything from a museum visit to a good meal out, walking tours and water sports, a bike ride or tandem kayaking, or simply relaxing with a couples massage will help you get the most out of your honeymoon.

Decide on your honeymoon style

You should start by discussing with your bride-to-be what kind of honeymoon she's expecting, and what kind of things you'd like to do too. Are you thrill seekers, fitness fanatics, culture buffs, cruisers or foodies? Does a beach holiday sound a bore or a city break too stressful?

You might not have the exact same ideas, but hopefully, you can come to some kind of compromise. Multi-destination honeymoons are always a popular choice and often mean you can have the best of both worlds.

Planning honeymoon activities you'll never forget

Research your options

Whatever you decide, you should carry out some research so you know what options are available to you. Read reviews online, but remember not to rely solely on these – everyone's preferences and experiences are different.

Your local travel agent is also a great place to start; they will have a wealth of knowledge on honeymoon activities, tours and day trips and can take the hassle out of booking everything yourself. Many people worry that booking through a travel agent will bump up the cost, but they also have access to some great deals, so there's no harm in asking.

Booking your honeymoon activities

Whether you are booking your honeymoon activities yourself or through a travel agent, remember to do this plenty of time in advance. You don't want to turn up at your destination and find everything is sold out. Trust us, your new wife won't be impressed!

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If you're not the most adventurous couple, that's fine. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and facing your fears is great, but you don't want to spend your whole honeymoon feeling uncomfortable or nervous, so don't take things too far. Honeymoon activities don't have to be extreme – things like wine tastings, culinary experiences or simply a tour to see the sights could help you get more out of your holiday.

If you are keen to live life on the wild side, it might be worth doing a little extra research into your chosen activities first to find out what you'll need to take with you and whether you need any practise or training before jetting off. It's pretty obvious, but there's no point turning up on a hiking holiday in flip flops, and if you're heading off on a skiing break do you want to spend the whole time on the practise slopes? Just make sure you're not out of your depth!

For more advice on booking your honeymoon, check out our honeymoon section.

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