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The 10 biggest wedding planning mistakes to avoid

Biggest wedding mistakes to avoid Photo by: Lyme Bay Photography

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, wedding planning is stressful. Don't make it more stressful for you and your bride by making silly mistakes. We've put together this groom's guide to the top 10 biggest wedding planning mistakes, so you know what to avoid and how to avoid it.

1. Blowing your budget

Work out what you can afford to spend on the wedding, agree with your bride and then stick to it. Make sure you have a little bit of leeway for miscellaneous items and emergencies but don't go overboard. You don't want to start your life off together in huge debt. If you need help planning your budget, check out our article on setting a wedding budget.

2. Inviting too many guests

The easiest way to blow your budget is by inviting too many guests. Make a guest list, then whittle it down to the people you really care about and want there. Don't be tempted to invite more people than the venue can hold in the hope that some might say no, this is risky, and you may end up with more people than you have room for. For help check out our guide to planning and agreeing on a guest list.

3. Not sorting the marriage license in time

To get married you need a marriage licence, and unfortunately procuring one takes time. In Ireland regardless of the type of ceremony you choose, you will need to register your intent to marry at a registration office a minimum of three months prior to the wedding. Check out our article on planning your wedding ceremony for more information.

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4. Not helping the bride

Leaving all the wedding planning to the bride is just not cool guys. It's your wedding too so make sure you get involved and pull your weight. Take responsibility for certain elements of the wedding such as planning the honeymoon and organising the transport, and make sure you have an opinion when asked for one, there is nothing worse than simply replying ‘I don't care'. Check out our roles and responsibilities section for articles on what you should be doing to help.

5. Becoming a Groomzilla

OK, we told you to get involved, but don't get carried away take over completely. We've all heard of Bridezilla, well don't become a Groomzilla. Your wedding is meant to be a joyous occasion, don't take all the fun out of it by being over-controlling with the budget or angry with the vendors.

6. Not sending save the dates

You should send out save the dates approximately 6 to 8 months prior to the wedding. Especially if it is going to require travelling for a majority of your guests as they may need to book time off work and accommodation. Leaving it too late or not sending them out at all can mean you get a lot of people declining your invite because they have made other plans.

7. Not communicating a wedding day schedule

You need to make sure everybody knows where they are meant to be and when, from vendors and DJs, to the wedding party and guests. A great way to communicate with guests is via a wedding website which you can update as any changes happen. Ensure your wedding vendors know when they are meant to be arriving and where they are meant to be before the day so you're not getting any emergency calls on the morning of the wedding. Give your wedding party a printed schedule so they know the timings, it also helps to set up a group chat on Messenger or WhatsApp before the day so that they can ask any questions.

8. Getting drunk the night before

Stag parties are not a good idea the night before the wedding. It's become traditional in recent years to hold them at least a week or two before the big day. Also, don't be tempted to head out with your groomsmen the night before for a few sneaky beverages, you have a lot to do in the morning, so you want to be fresh as a daisy.

9. Not practising your speech

Even if you are a seasoned public speaker, your wedding day is not the time to do an off-the-cuff speech. Emotions are running high and you have lots of people to thank, so make sure you write and practise it before the day. If you need help writing your groom's speech, check out our top tips for writing your groom's speech.

10. Forgetting the groomsmen gifts

Unfortunately, thank-you gifts for your wedding party are often one of those things that get forgotten or left to the last minute. The boys have stuck with you through good times and bad, through the madness of wedding planning and they'll be there to have your back on the big day, so make sure you get them a gift that shows them your appreciation. For great gift ideas, check out our guide to the top 10 best groomsmen gifts.

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